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We help recruiting agencies do their job because we support their great

role in helping organisations to find the right workers and for

individuals to find their perfect job, whether it’s permanent, temporary,

or a headhunted role!

We treat our client and applicant individually and look to find the perfect match; the right organisation for the person, and the right talent for the business. 

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Our Founders

When I decided to start looking for a new challenge in 1996, I wanted to contact some recruitment agencies, but quickly found that there was no easy way to find agencies who specialised in particular industries and job roles. That’s where the idea for Flipeside came from.

Bill Greyson

Bill Greyson

CFO and Co-Founder

Since launching the company in 1996, we’ve made some a lot of decisions along the way and just like any business not all of them where great, but what has kept us going is our desire to be the best possible resource to help candidates and employers find the most suitable recruitment agencies to work with.

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