Flipside featured in New York magazine

May 20th, 2014, 5:50 EST

New York magazine’s Frank Rich discussed The Flipside in an in-depth piece examining the state of conservative comedy. Here’s an excerpt:

This fall, another stand-up, Michael Loftus, is planning to take a fresh shot at a conservative-comedy news show—a syndicated half-hour titled The Flipside. The pilot has been posted online, and in it, as well as in his regular act, Loftus comes off as genial and smart […]

No doubt Loftus and his writers have studied the defunct 1/2-Hour News Hour as a primer in what not to do, but they also might look at one bit that actually scored—an Oval Office sketch with Ann Coulter playing vice-president to Limbaugh’s potus. Dreadful as it sounds, Coulter is funny in it—not because she is a practiced performer (she fusses nervously with her hair) but because she mocks one of her own incendiary tirades from the Bush years. If you don’t stay tuned, she warns the viewers, “we’ll invade your countries, kill your leaders, and convert you to Christianity.”